Summer Solstice Spectacular

Join us at Hazelhurst Farm for the Summer Solstice Spectacular, a three-day celebration of health, wellness, and community, kicking off at 2pm on Thursday, June 20, 2024. This vibrant event is designed to invigorate the body, calm the mind, and enrich the soul, offering a diverse line-up of activities set against the backdrop of the beautiful countryside.


The festivities begin with a series of wellness workshops and fitness sessions that cater to all levels, promoting both physical and mental well-being. As the days unfold, attendees can enjoy a mix of relaxing and invigorating activities, delicious seasonal cuisine, and opportunities to connect with others.


Evenings at the Spectacular feature communal dining experiences and social gatherings around the campfire, culminating in a festive party with live music and handcrafted cocktails. This event is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the peak of summer in style, embrace new experiences, and make lasting memories. Join us for a unique blend of relaxation, adventure, and celebration at the Summer Solstice Spectacular.

Day 1: Welcome & Wellness



Solstice Strength Camp –

The “Summer Solstice Spectacular” kicks off at 2pm on Thursday 20th June 2024 with an invigorating Strength Bootcamp hosted by renowned personal trainer, Shaun Smith.

The bootcamp promises a transformative experience focusing on enhancing your strength and conditioning. Whether you are looking to jump-start your fitness journey or elevate your current regimen, Shaun’s expertise in power lifting and body transformation will guide you towards achieving your health and wellness goals.

Each session is designed to build muscle, improve stamina, and boost overall health, ensuring you leave feeling stronger and more energized.

Suitable for all fitness levels, Shaun’s Strength Bootcamp is the perfect start to three days of health, wellness and Solstice Celebrations.

Meditation & Sound Healing –

Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere with a one-hour Circle of Meditation and Sound Healing hosted by Kayleigh Jade Langwieser.

This workshop takes place in our beautiful yurt nestled in the meadow, offering a unique setting that enhances relaxation and spiritual connection.

Kayleigh, an expert in holistic coaching and sound healing, guides participants through a transformative session that integrates guided meditation and sound therapy. This experience is designed to help you disconnect from the hustle of daily life and reconnect with your inner self.

The soothing sounds and peaceful environment will aid in releasing stress and aligning your mind, body, and soul. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to meditation, Kayleigh’s approachable and nurturing style makes this session suitable for everyone looking to enhance their well-being and embrace a moment of peace.

Evening: Welcome BBQ & Social Mixer –

Immerse yourself in the celebratory spirit of the shortest night at the “Welcome BBQ & Social Mixer” hosted by Gino and the talented team from G2K Hospitality, marking the joyous occasion of the Summer Solstice. This evening mixer is the ideal spot for revelling in the summer vibes, complete with a gourmet BBQ spread and expertly crafted cocktails. A regular favourite of ours here at the farm, G2K Hospitality ensures an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, good company, and the finest hospitality. As the sun sets on this special day, join us for an evening where the community comes together to enjoy the peak of summer in style.

Day 2: Inner Peace & Exploration


Sauna, Ice-bath, Yoga-flow & Breath-work


Kick off the longest day’s activities with an invigorating 3-hour session starting at 9:00 AM, led by Rob from Evergreen Yogi. This workshop is structured to challenge participants but ensures everyone finishes with a sense of achievement and high spirits. The session begins with about 45 minutes of Durga Pranayama or full breathwork, a yogic technique that thoroughly engages the respiratory system while participants lay down.

Following the breathwork, Rob will guide attendees through a 45-60 minute Yoga flow. This practice is designed to accommodate all abilities, incorporating elements from various yoga styles into a seamless and soothing Hatha flow. The sequence will energize and sensitize the nervous system, concluding with a relaxing Shavasana.

After yoga, participants can unwind in a traditional wood-fired steam sauna, where the temperature ranges from 80°C to 100°C. Rob will provide a brief talk on the benefits of sauna use.

The session concludes with an optional but encouraged cold plunge. Attendees can support each other while Rob offers guidance on using breath control to manage the body’s response to the cold. Most will find themselves in the cold plunge for between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Afterward, a warm spot near a fire pit and a hot drink provides a perfect setting for sharing experiences and warming up.

This comprehensive session is designed not just for physical exertion but to foster a community spirit and provide a deeply rejuvenating experience for the body and mind.

Exclusive offer – Rob has kindly offered 25% off all yoga mat purchases on his website when using code HAZELHURST 



Real Food (Part 1) –


Join Bobs from The Tinker’s Granddaughter and naturopathic health expert Rhi Hepple for a nourishing natural, seasonal lunch.

This midday event caters to all dietary preferences, from vegan to carnivore, offering a fresh, seasonal spread designed to support optimal body performance. The Tinker’s Granddaughter, known for its commitment to plant-based offerings, ensures that every dish is crafted with health and sustainability in mind. Alongside the delicious meal, Rhi Hepple will provide invaluable tips and advice on elevating your nutrition at home, focusing on the benefits of natural and holistic dietary choices.

This lunch is more than just a meal; it’s an educational experience that empowers guests to make informed food choices that enhance their health and well-being. Whether you’re experienced in nutritional practices or just beginning to explore healthier eating, this session will provide insights and inspirations to take back to your own kitchen.





The afternoon’s sessions offer tailored experiences for both women and men in separate but equally enriching activities.

For the girls – Women’s Solstice Circle, EFT, Journaling, Meditation and Sound

Women’s Solstice Circle: Hosted again by Kayleigh Jade Langwieser, this two-hour session is dedicated to celebrating the solstice through a Women’s Solstice Circle. The workshop includes EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), journaling, meditation, and sound healing.

These activities are designed to foster a deep sense of connection and introspection among participants, promoting emotional and spiritual well-being.

Women will have the opportunity to reflect, release, and rejuvenate in a supportive, serene setting, enhancing their solstice experience with guided meditation and the healing power of sound.

For the guys – Fire & Wild Meat

Men’s Campfire Session: Led by Carl, of Hazelhurst Farm, the men’s session focuses on outdoor skills and camaraderie. Participants will join Carl in preparing the evening’s campfire, learning essential outdoor cooking techniques, including how to prepare and cook wild meat treats over an open fire. This hands-on experience not only teaches practical skills but also a back-to-basics approach to cooking and enjoying natural food in a rustic setting.



Solstice Banquet, followed by a Campfire Gathering –

As the sun sets on the longest day, the festivities continue with a lavish Middle-Eastern Style Banquet, expertly crafted by Gino and his G2K Hospitality team. This evening feast will feature a rich array of flavours and dishes typical of Middle-Eastern cuisine, providing guests with an exotic culinary journey that complements the spirit of community and celebration.

Following the banquet, guests are invited to gather around the campfire on the meadow for a relaxed and convivial evening. This informal gathering is the perfect opportunity to enjoy drinks under the stars, share stories, and bask in the warmth of the fire and good company. The combination of delicious food, a serene setting, and the company of fellow event-goers is sure to make this night a memorable highlight of the Summer Solstice event.

Day 3: Solstice Celebrations



Secret Cycle Route –


Start your third day at Hazelhurst Farm’s “Summer Solstice Spectacular” with an adventurous Secret Cycle Route through the scenic vistas of The New Forest. The ride kicks off at 9:00am from the farm, where guests will be provided with a carefully planned route that showcases some of the best natural beauty spots of the area. For those seeking an extra thrill, a puzzle challenge will be part of the journey. Solve the puzzle to discover a ‘What3Words’ location hidden along the route, leading to a special prize.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes, but for those in need, Cyclexperience offers a convenient option with 10% discounted bike hire. Ensure you have the right gear by pre-booking with our special event discount code HAZELHURST10, and have your bike delivered directly to the farm for maximum convenience. This morning activity is perfect for anyone eager to combine fitness, exploration, and a bit of mystery into their solstice celebration.

Real Food (Part 2) –

Day three of Hazelhurst Farm’s “Summer Solstice Spectacular” continues with another delightful lunch prepared and hosted by Bobs from The Tinker’s Granddaughter alongside naturopathic health expert Rhi Hepple. Building on the success of the previous session, this lunch will again offer a fresh, seasonal spread that caters to all dietary preferences, ensuring that every guest experiences optimal nutrition that supports body performance.

This part two of their culinary collaboration will not only include a delicious meal but also provide further tips and advice on how to incorporate healthy, natural foods into your everyday diet. Whether you’re a vegan or a carnivore, the offerings are designed to be inclusive and enriching, with each dish crafted from the freshest local produce to ensure peak flavour and nutritional value.

Join Bobs and Rhi for another educational and satisfying meal that promises to energize and inspire your dietary choices, perfectly aligning with the holistic health and wellness theme of the event.


Archery & Axe Throwing with Insight Activities –


On the final afternoon of Hazelhurst Farm’s “Summer Solstice Spectacular,” guests are invited to join an action-packed session of archery and axe throwing, led by the experts Glenn and Ken from Insight Activities. This engaging 2.5-hour event will be set up directly on the farm, offering a blend of instruction and hands-on practice tailored to both novices and experienced participants.

During this session, attendees will delve into the art of archery, learning to aim and shoot with precision under the guidance of experienced instructors. Simultaneously, the axe throwing range offers a thrilling challenge, teaching guests the correct techniques to wield and throw an axe effectively, aiming for accuracy and skill over strength. This combination of activities is designed to engage guests fully, providing a lively and competitive atmosphere.

This uniquely structured afternoon is perfect for those looking to try something new or refine their skills in a fun and supportive setting. Whether you’re hitting the bullseye or landing an axe perfectly on target, this experience promises excitement and perhaps a bit of friendly competition among participants.



Evening: Party Food & Music


We conclude the “Summer Solstice Spectacular” with a vibrant final evening, starting with a cocktail masterclass led by Gino and his skilled team from G2K Hospitality. This engaging session will offer guests a chance to learn the art of cocktail making, featuring a hands-on experience where you can mix, shake, and stir your creations under expert guidance.

Following the masterclass, the celebration continues with an evening filled with party food and lively music. Enjoy a selection of delicious bites perfect for the occasion, designed to complement the creative cocktails you’ve just crafted. As night falls, the farm will come alive with music, creating the perfect backdrop for dancing and enjoyment, allowing guests to unwind and revel in the festive atmosphere.



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